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February 07, 2007



Impressive yet not hugely demanding list!
I think I can help with Kite Surfing - uncle has the gear - we'd just have to pick a weekend (in the summer they live at the lake!). Wake-boarding - well that's where that boat I've been talking about comes in!
I think the 1/2 ironman is right there for you (in stages of course). Not too far off. The one that is nearly laughable is the whole gain weight - ummmm I don't think your asthma meds will let you, but I can't wait to see you try! TRAVEL is always a goal for you - but to not see a specific trip is a bit shoking!


Well we will see how demanding it is at the end of a 2K swim.
Brad Lets see what you have. Your wife has put it out there. Man up yo!
That would be awesome, if you can contact the uncle. I don't know anyone who has even tried it. I totally need to find someone who could show me the ropes and let it buck. But who says we have to wait till the Summer?


so it's been a month since you posted your actions and, as this blog was meant to be a forum for sharing, i was wondering... how goes it?

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