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January 15, 2007



is your plan to use this blog as your communication medium? - what about others?
How many goals? do these goals need to be completed in 2007?
i am a not a fan of 'resolutions' - never have been and not because i've failed in the past so much as i don't like the idea of assessing and compiling a list of my short comings (which could be long) and then, more than likely, losing the motivation to address them - because really - are these things we can passionately address on a day-to-day basis??
BUT... that being said - I am a fan of actions...ACTIONS speak and compliling a list of desires actions doesn't necessarily have to reflect a weakness or a failure..
anyway, just some thoughts... I may be in.. i need details.


My thinking was reporting on a monthly basis, or bi monthly or quarterly or once at the end of the year... it is up to you. The more frequently you address them the more likely they are to be realized. The key is accountability. Lay it out there, so that everyone knows what you want to do, so that everyone can either help you get there or support the effort.
Successes need to be documented, but so do failures, this will help everyone.
Let me know what you think about it.

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