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January 17, 2007



i'm in i will list my actions for my year of action by Jan31 on my blog....thanks for the great thoughts


I like it Tyler- here's a little quote you made me think of:

"Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch your words; they become your actions.
Watch your actions; they become your habits.
Watch your habits; they become your character.
Watch your character, for it will become your destiny."
-Frank Outlaw

James Milner

I love the sentiment of 2007: Year of Action !!! I have been attempting to make this happen myself, as well as errr telling everyone I meet that it's "2007, the year of action". I'm not sure whether everyone is convinced by my overenthusiastic grinning. Anyway let's do it! Awesome! Time for action!

The Year of Action is international:

Milner, Northampton, UK


done - i've posted my actions on the right hand side of my blog ...
am i the only one taking this challenge???
come on, people!

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